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iMotion Pictures Inc. is a video game technology company and game studio located in Vancouver Canada.

iMotion’s proprietary meta engine platform is complete, powerful and feature rich. It is being used to author multiple iMotion studio games such as Stratus6 (in beta), BadVsBad and Star Years (in development). Stratus6 is in advanced beta and will be monetized with industry best practices, known as free-to-play. Money is made by selling premium virtual goods from inside the game.  Stratus6® and the iMotion meta engine platform supports PC, Xbox, PS4, Browser and Mobile

Game Platform

Meta Engine

Viral Distribution

Compression and optimization technology that allows for an 8x improvement in performance

Our powerful meta engine platform radically reduces the cost and time to make first person and third person video games.

high performance games directly to Chrome and Firefox browsers facilitates viral distribution.

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Stratus6 is an innovative slow-motion arcade shooter set in a science-fiction universe. The player is equipped with several deadly QuickBullets, which can be used to turn the tide against the enemy and dominate the scoreboard. Stratus6 also features the Time Speeder, an experimental device which allows the user to control the very flow of time, allowing for space to breathe in the midst of high intensity shootouts.

Video game technology company and game studio





Gord Friesen has over 35 years of capital markets experience and has been the principal fundraiser for a number of successful start-up companies primarily in the technology industry.  He co-founded iMotion and continues to be an active force in the company's direction.

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We have compression and optimization technology that allows for an 8x improvement in performance and speed as compared to the industry norm of 2x, enabling cinematic games to be delivered to low spec mass market platfoms like browsers

Our powerful meta engine platform radically reduces the cost and time to make video games, as demonstrated by our marquee game, Stratus6® an engaging first-person shooter with unique time bending game mechanics.

CTO Tom Taylor, Founder of media acceleration technology company Workfire and CMO Tony Colafrancesco, who has headed up elite teams at game companies including EA, Sega, GSN,Time Warner, and Bandai Namco.

Tom Taylor filed his first patent at the age of seventeen, and over the last thirty years, has continued to generate dozens of commercially successful technological innovations that have significantly affected the course of digital entertainment, PC technology and the Internet.

Studio Head

With 20+ years in the video game industry, Tony has founded successful game publishers, and held executive positions in publishing at EA, Warner, GSN, Sega, Bandai Namco, and more.

Chief Technology Advisor


Mr. Davis is a partner of Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. His experience includes CFO positions of several companies listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.

Mr. Monaghan has private, public and corporate senior management experience, with a focus on marketing. He has over 30 years of senior management experience in the communications industry.


Co-ounder of Alpha Companies, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge, connections & experience in media, entertainment & film.

iMotion Pictures Co-Founder

Chief Financial   Officer / Director

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